Friends of Art for Life:


We are still following social distancing guidelines and scheduling Virtual Artsy Parties (online) for adults and children –– so you can continue to bring art into your lives! Please look at our calendar and find an event that you can join online. 

We are reopening for small private events with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 artists during weekends and weeknights.

We are going to reopen the regular Art/Spanish classes for children and adults starts on August 25th. for more info. go to our services page! 

 If you want to buy materials for our virtual classes, you can order online and pick it up Mondays or Fridays afternoon at the studio. 

If you want to order online or by from Michaels, Amazon or Walmart these are the suggestions:

We appreciate you for supporting our family-owned business and send good thoughts to all!  


In today’s fast-paced world, it’s hard to find time for some of the more essential things in life. It’s time to turn away from your laptop, phone, and TV screens and feel the satisfaction of creating something beautiful with your own hands while spending time with family and friends!

At Art for Life! in Buford, we believe that art can make a difference in your life and that anyone can make a beautiful drawing, painting, sculpture, or other decorative objects. Art for Life in Buford is for children, who bring out their inner artists after school and at Summer and Spring Art Camps, and for grown-ups, who enjoy our Artsy Parties, or "Paint n' Sip" nights -- painting while sharing music, food and drink with friends and family!

We also offer special events like "Paint Your Pet" and workshops or classes like Watercolor and Recycle Cardboard into Furniture. We hope to see you soon at Art for Life in Buford! 

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